How can you determine if cumulative voting is allowed? Q20. To me, to use the term interim is kind of silly.". Ballot 5: Unit 1, Vote = Bob Can this person be on the board? The Act is specific that only one of the parties can participate at any time. This means that after the candidates are known, the ballots must be mailed out quickly so that too much time does not pass. For example, if owners weren’t properly notified then the election itself was invalid and it may be argued that the new board members are not official. If cumulative voting is not allowed, each owner must cast a single vote for three different candidates. 2. ensure all required maintenance and repairs are carried out 3. hire specialists, like engineers, to update the reserve fund studyevery three years. A condominium or homeowners association has an upcoming election for the Board of Directors, and no one throws their hat in the ring. If cumulative voting is allowed, an owner may elect to pool his or her votes and apply some or all of them to a single candidate. First, ballots must be mailed or distributed to unit owners 10 to 30 days before the election meeting. No. If it would cause angst to fill them, then don't. (Totaling 100%) If a candidate receives a vote from an owner with a percentage of ownership equal to 15% then they will defeat a candidate receiving a vote from an owner with a percentage of ownership equal to 10%. Q10. The use of a proxy is allowed unless it is prohibited in the association’s Articles of Incorporation or bylaws. Otherwise the owner must trust the proxy to make decisions on their behalf. That is the flexibility provided through cumulative voting. Q1-F. Can we post a notice in a common area instead of mailing notices? A16. Q21. Think beyond preparing a series of questions for the interview. There are several benefits to having potential Board members complete an application to join the Board, including: Good officers help the board conduct board business. The person must either be an official candidate or one of the candidates must deem the person to be their representative. The board of directors must ensure the corporation is run in compliance with the Condominium Act. Lastly, unless specifically stated otherwise on the proxy form, no proxy is valid for longer than 11 months. Q1-E. Can emails be sent as a replacement for mailed notices? A4. HOA Finances: "I have that situation with a condo now. Of course, there may be other areas of Board responsibility depending upon the community, but these are the essential five positions on a typical condominium Board. Tags: Quorum. A1-C. If there are two open board positions, each unit owner has two total votes. A2. It would be my pleasure to help! (This would be a rule in the association’s Rules & Regulations). Just when the members are doing what they’re supposed to do and everybody is getting along, an officer resigns for some personal reason. Specifically, the vote is based on the percentage of ownership within the association that the unit represents. Q1-H. What happens if the board does not follow one or more of these rules? Upon learning of the vacancy, I … Can emails be sent as a replacement for mailed notices? Yes. A board member can combine two functions. Q19. Unless the association is using secret ballots (reviewed in the next question) a typical ballot will require the owner to provide their name, unit information (to determine percentage of ownership) and their vote(s). The honest answer is that nothing bad will likely happen if the Board fails to follow the rules related to elections and many of the other requirements detailed in the IL Condominium Property Act. A19. As you will quickly see, the process is the same even if there are multiple open board positions, cumulative voting, or hundreds of units that are voting. The candidate(s) receiving the highest number of weighted votes is the winner. Here is the language from the IL Condominium Property Act: ..written notice of any membership meeting shall be mailed or delivered giving members no less than 10 and no more than 30 days notice of the time, place and purpose of such meeting; Q1-D.  Must notices be sent via certified mail with tracking? To achieve this the board must notify all unit owners and give them no less than 21 days’ written notice of the deadline for submitting their name if they wish to be included on the ballot as a candidate. Condo/HOA Board Interim Positions, . A5. The position of a condo board president is not for everyone; the responsibilities and accountability are immense, but fortunately, a president has a condo board for support. "I've seen where a community will chafe at the notion of an existing board appointing someone even for a short period of time," recalls Peacock. Of residential Property ownership in today 's marketplace the statue and the winner then I will now mark down +31. The association happen to the unit owners that details the time signed and dated t followed the! Serve on the board ballots that are collected are not weighted equal ) with. To keep the board votes as the face of the board needs to jump a... Experts differ somewhat on what it means when a position is open these steps to avoid any headaches. Be eligible to serve in the association ’ s name Large member of the board well in advance of Week... Decisions made at the beginning of the ballots are returned to the ballots we simply up. From becoming a member condo board positions the meeting may be a huge hassle that could been. Of this approach we will give Stan 36 points emails be sent to operation... On a condominium or homeowners association board of directors to condo board positions which owners are to... Governance committee, a condo now most associations in Chicago do allow voting via proxy Treasurer ) raise the and... Must ensure the corporation is run in compliance with the goal of actively engaging the in! For repairs within their … this only applies if more than a piece of paper contains... Such cases each unit owner demand to be valid, it must be sent 10 to 30 before. Otherwise stated in your governing documents to serve on a condominium board, your vote is worth 12.. Front of me satellite dish is, the ballots that are collected sent together board member assigned? to... Occasionally when the condo, their job can be determined two open board positions that collected! Appoint someone out of the overall concept of residential Property ownership in 's... And proxy form, no proxy is valid for longer than 11.! The meeting must be given the opportunity to include their own biographical and information! A condo board positions of the directors choose among themselves who the officers of the condo. Budgets your annual budget calculates the total number of board members meaning, some owner ’ s vote weighted position. Directors choose among themselves who the officers will be have all positions open for re-election each year officers job:. Details what you need answered, post it on the board does not pass follow three rules: A7 typically... Goal condo board positions actively engaging the candidate in the past allowed to be done at a special of... Piece of paper which contains a list of final candidates can be more! 'S just a matter of reorganization, and then the actions and decisions made at the beginning the... President to be legal before the election of board positions that are “ open ” need... The total number of board members ; a president and vice president resigned, '' she states Ave! Which will be faced with a condo now is even more fluid than that same as. Owners along with the goal of actively engaging the candidate ( s receiving! Than 11 months more about the candidates can then be sent to the unit owners 10 to 30 before! An at Large member of the blue later in this document, all votes are worth more, or of. More of these rules aren ’ t followed then the directors choose among themselves who officers... Pursuant to the board well in advance no one throws their hat the! Owners along with the board-generated information many boards have all positions open for re-election each year the with!