For this reason, always be gentle and patient with yourself: 1. We have an amazing 7 hour first date, that was romantic, fun, deep and hot. Highly highly recommended for anyone on this journey. Energetically and spiritually they are still connected. People barely notice them and when they do, they often regard them as mere coincidence or as a number with no particular meaning. It is a kind of wholeness, as mentioned in the bible. I have had so many sessions, some coming out of nowhere completely unplanned and I have healed and purged so much. You’re the real deal. It gives you confidence that you are in the right spiritual path in your life. Unlike with other breakups, twin flame separation is never final. Ready to discover if you're on the right path to your Twin Flame? Did this article help you in a significant way? When seeing 4444 angel number repeatedly, not many people know that angels exist and the ones that do rarely pay attention to their existence. Before that I could hardly imagine this possible, however if given the choice between being together with someone else’s twin or my own twin – the choice is easy. Once it sets in, you’ll have to deal with no contact and learn to navigate the twin flame separation blues. You are so close, all you need to do is push through…. The question is will you recommit to your twin and your union? When we receive their message, it could mean that God is trying to talk to us. It's a modern-day initiation path to Ascension. Secondly, when one experiences those emotions, it is hard to keep the mind in focus. The Mystery School for modern-day Initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path. Time and time again, we invest in a dream that claims separation is possible because of the physical departure of our twin. Wishing you and your divine counterpart a miraculous and loving birthing of your 5D union in the physical dimension. Work diligently and honestly, and you will be rewarded richly. Before all this, i felt a touch of an angel while sleeping, i know it an angel because i shows or leads me to scripture each time he come. If you do, congratulations, your Twin Flame separation is almost over! Be true to you. This year I went global with my companies and moved on to the International market, with a complete new re-branding of my brand identity. I truly believe that everything you teach is so important to my life, not only in reuniting with my twin, but to continue growing and developing our relationship to be all it is meant to be. Twin Flame Separation is the ultimate illusion. Meeting your Twin Flame can be an intense experience. . Separation leads to loneliness and we are forced to think deeply and look inside our own soul. The wife from then, is incarnated in his current day life and is an important person to him in this life again. In this life my twin has done his best to stay away from me, not always succeeding, but it is a strong urge he has felt – that he needed to stay away from me. I'm glad I just went for it and committed to the whole package. How do you know that even if they don’t talk to you, your Twin still cares and loves you as they love themselves: Tips to Manage the difficult Twin Flame Separation Phase. They communicate in several ways, but one of the most common ways is through numbers. It’s where most twins get stuck or give up, because they get lost in the illusion of separation. I cannot recommend the program enough. Not to worry because many fail to see the sequence of numbers when they first pop up. He was 24 at the time and answered that it was the happiest day of his life, when I told him this and at the same time the saddest day because he realized he could not give this to me in this lifetime and his running started…. At least when you were chasing and the other person was running, you would have these sweet moments of reassurance in between, where your twin would let you know (be it reluctantly maybe) they were still in it together with you. Had to drop you a line and just say “F***ing Hell” sorry about the language but its like the flood gates have been open since our session so much has come up these last few days, stuff I had no idea was buried deep and causing so much confusion, but it feels now so natural to visit the deep stuff and let it gradually release and with each release I feel happier, initial pain but then its gone as quick as it appears . Because you are not getting the confirmation from your twin in the physical reality that they are still in this together with you, it’s easy to feel that the connection is lost. But the truth is that Twin Flame Separation is the ultimate illusion. It’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.’. I found I was living each of the modules and when something came up in my life with my twin I could go back to a module and get exactly the insight that I needed. I now see how my fears triggered his own fear of loss and kept us in separation. Over a period of eight weeks of me talking, him listening and not saying anything back – I pushed him so hard towards taking the leap of faith and really continuing where we left off, last time – which was continuing our life together. Who now as he is like so close in my energy field, gets my hormones raging. These special numbers are called angel numbers. 111 meaning twin flame separation 111 meaning twin flame separation The closer I have gotten to union, the more I have witnessed that even if I could have sworn that I was not like what I saw in my twin – subconsciously there was always something hiding there that was an exact reflection of my twin. Sometimes it may be a symbol of justice, balance and protection, but in some cultures it is believed that this number may bring you misfortune. It speaks of strength and stability. What if their 3D behavior is nothing more then a tool to bring up all the mutual inner wounding, so that it can be felt, healed and cleared for good? Especially when it comes to love and dating, the 4444 angel number encourages you to use your head and listen to your instincts. A twin flame separation should not be taken lightly. In the numerology world, the .css-wu8pj2{font-family:adobe-garamond-pro,serif;font-size:19px;-webkit-letter-spacing:-0.063px;-moz-letter-spacing:-0.063px;-ms-letter-spacing:-0.063px;letter-spacing:-0.063px;text-rendering:optimizeLegibility;line-height:1.43;-webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased;color:black;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;color:#0064ff;-webkit-text-decoration-color:#599aff;text-decoration-color:#599aff;-webkit-transition:0.3s all;transition:0.3s all;padding:1px 2px;margin:0 -2px;cursor:pointer;}.css-wu8pj2:hover{background-color:#0064ff3b;}.css-wu8pj2:active{color:#ffffff;background:#0064ffff;}number 4 holds the power of materiality, physicality, hard work and prosperity. Copyright © 2016-2021 The Twin Flame Tribe. The Divine Masculine is working in the unseen and the Divine Feminine is working in the visible physical reality, they both want the union. These books represent the foundation or beginning of the new life in Christ. The Gangsta Goddesses energy helps them release everything that is keeping their heart’s desire out of manifestation. If you would like me to help you access the very last layers of gunk and sludge (the false beliefs) that are keeping you and your twin out of harmony and from being able to see the reunion that is yours by Divine right, then I can assist you in a Twin Flame Reunion Journey to access the core wounding that is keeping you both stuck in no man’s land, when you are in fact almost home. Twin Flames: Separation and Spiritual Maturity Having the pleasure of working with a lot of Twin Flames, we have experienced a lot of individuals going through the same things: the sadness, the grief, the pain, the depression, the melancholy. Consider leaving a tip in our tipping jar. That would have fallen under the most popular titles of soul to soul connection's, Twin Flame, twin Rays, soulmates. Twin flames begin to magnetize towards one another. Simply Thank You. It is a gift. Much love. Also, the number 4 represents the four elements of the world namely; Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, which also happens to be the building blocks of the earthly world. The number 4444 meaning bible interpretation speaks of material completeness. The meaning of angel number 4444 is very important for you if you have noticed that this number is appearing in your life. When you are in Twin Flame Separation, it seems like ALL IS LOST and that the connection that you felt was an illusion to begin with. The 4444 angel number in biblical terms represents the books that narrate the account of Christ, namely; the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Because you are not getting the confirmation from your twin in the physical reality that they are still in this together with you, it’s easy to feel that the connection is lost. I even felt frustrated then that all my hard work on myself had, led to such meager results in our physical reality. I miss you.‘ They are separated at the moment, but her timing shows how she felt what was going on. I believe if you are still getting Twin Flame signs and encountering situations that point you back to your twin, it isn’t over yet – because if it was really over the Universe would just make it crystal clear to you. These numbers are unique, and they are arranged in a sequence. Twin Flames or ‘twin souls’ is a term used to describe our mirror soul or “other half”. Download the free Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more. I'm amazed with what I've learned and how much I've grown and changed in just 2 months. What I saw in my own journey is that as I was knocking myself out in 3D and he seemed to only want me to move on and forget about him, he was showing up in 5D anywhere and everywhere to help me in clearing the shit between us and birthing this whole new me, business and life that I have stepped into since I returned from our physical time together in India. it is all a similar process. Because if you would be ready, so would your twin and it would have manifested. As soon as this guy looked into my eyes, I saw he was interested and I looked away. With the use of numerology and expertise, people will be able to see the different patterns in such numbers. The entire package is powerful, combining a 2-hour inner exploration and healing experience with Sabriyé, 13 individual learning modules, and the support of The Twin Flame Tribe on Facebook. This is the beauty of the program. Twin Flame Stages – the Introduction. Finally, the 4444 angel number lets you know that angels are always around you to help in your transitioning process. In my own personal journey I have found that every time I have tried to really walk away from everything I would get signs or just literally be pushed back to my twin. It just feels like you are stuck and can’t let go, while the other person has seemed to have long moved on. Love is something you learn from and grow in but If your relationship is no longer doing this for you; it’s time to move on. Both of these numbers may have some additional influences on angel number 4444. A twin flame is the mirror image of yourself, a person who will always stay in your heart no matter what and a person who helps you grow mentally, physically and spiritually. It also happens with all divine counterparts (Soulmates, Sacred connections, Twin flames, Twin Rays and Eternal flames). The 111 twin flame Separation is an important stage to teach you some valuable lessons regarding your life. We Only Manifest Thoughts We BELIEVE! In fact, it’s just a part of your twin flame journey. Another purpose of the separation is to trigger these templates and fears. Learn to be happy while you do, and try to strike a balance between your work and personal life. What if their higher self wants union just as much as you do and is in fact banging their head against the wall in 5D because he/she is trying to get you to the core wounding between you two and you are sitting there believing your work is done and waiting for your twin to wake up?! So the first person to ask me out, had actually been asking me out for the past two years and finally I said yes. This reading will give you a better understanding as to what is the root cause of your separation A very healing reading for Twin Flames that are in separation … Or will you buy into the illusion and give up? But, if you want to understand its symbolism better, then you need to take into consideration that this number is composed of numbers 4, 44 and 444. What if it is all designed this way, to bring up the gunk and sludge from the deepest layers of your psyche and that this was the only way you would be able to go this deep, by fully believing the illusion? It’s a trap for the twin openly wanting the connection and a physical relationship with their divine counterpart, to believe that they are ready for the Twin Flame Union and merely waiting for their twin to get with the program. Its okay to love deeply with all your heart, but don’t let it overpower your senses. I had not been able to answer him truthfully at that moment, so I said nothing. This phase is an emotional, spiritual, and, for some, even physical pain. When two twin flames come together without being properly healed, there is difficulty raising the relationship to the higher frequencies. In the meantime he had recently met his own Twin Flame. The following day, i got curious about the number the cashier pointed out many times, and googled it and that is how i found this explanation. I was like the Universe is really making an effort, to bring this guy to me. However in this case, your biggest problem being that you feel and I can hear Adele singing in my head while I type this ‘That for me it isn’t over…‘. Your angel encourages the need for hard work. Its symbolism resonates with perfection and justice as well. When you can relate to this and you are in a Twin Flame relationship, which is a big word because when you are at this possible part of the journey there seems to not even be a mutual connection anymore, let alone any kind of relationship. 2. Since then I have healed and cleared stuff I really had no clue, that it was still there, lurking in the dark. ‘Before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. See that you are both working towards Twin Flame Union, both in different realms. 1. Each Twin flame situation is unique and different from the next. So I said to him, well we don’t even need to sleep with each other anymore because you just came inside of me energetically, it’s already done. As the Universe was only bringing me men who were already in a Twin Flame relationship even if they were not together with their twin at the moment, it pointed me straight back to my own twin because why settle for someone else’s twin if I can be with my own divine counterpart? If you wake up to see the 4444 angel number around you, congratulations! Let me repeat one more time, I could have sworn that I was completely ready for union and that I had faced all my dragons and demons. Union is being forged in this moment, where it looks and feels like all is lost. Please know, regardless of what we believe to be true of the situation, and even if this is truly our Twin Flame, we are never to interfere with another’s soul contracts and marital commitment to another. Instead, pay attention to your inner self and be awakened to the strength that lies within you. He re-branded his companies and got himself a UK number as his incoming business call number. He thanks me for my honesty and totally recognizes what I am saying as he has also met his Twin Flame and feels exactly the same way! Your spiritual energies need to be purified, released and surrendered any type of negativity that pulls your vibration down. (1). So, when you see the 4444 angel number, cheer up and be expectant. Sabriyé Ayana is the leading expert on the Twin Flame journey and inner union process. Recently after losing all hope in my Twin Flame Union, I had started to be open to dating again. Download the Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more: Download the Twin Flame Inner Union Soul Alchemy manuscript to find out more: How do I know if this really is my Twin Flame?…, How Angel Numbers can guide you on your Twin Flame journey, 11 Twin Flame side effects that hardly anyone ever…, The meaning of the number 11 & the Twin Flame…, Is your Twin Flame ghosting you? What if you could clearly see, that union is there waiting for you? Your angels will send you the 4444 angel number because it answers a question or a wish that you have. Twin flame reunion signs are hard to detect. I thought I had done all the work and that maybe it just was not meant to be. Angel number 4 is also a symbol of strength, spiritual energy and perseverance. The 4444 angel number Doreen virtue meaning recognizes the 4444 angel number to mean hard work followed by a rewarding result. Read this article here. So the question is then is the unconscious twin really that unconscious or does it just mean that they are working in the unconscious and the unseen? The path to your twin flame union is full of pitfalls. However remember that this is not the first relationship to ever end, so you will move on from this. First of all because considering your twin unawakened or unconscious, is an ego attempt to place yourself above them and makes union impossible because you don’t consider your twin your equal. Energy healing is a wonderful way to complete healing work because it releases all of the dark energy that keeps you and your twin in separation. I went to the market to get food items and the receipt printed 44.44; the cashier was amazed and even pointed it out several times. Our guardian angels are sending us different signs from time to time and we have to be able to recognize all those signs. What if instead of at the end of the connection, you are in reality almost near the start of your Twin Flame Union? It’s inevitable. Long story short, he gave me his number and we started talking outside of the gym. There comes an… 111 twin flame Separation. If you are not in Twin Flame Union, it means you are not ready yet either. 4444 Angel Number Twin Flame. The fact that your twin does not seem to be doing anything towards Twin Flame Union in the 3D reality and that it feels like you are doing all the work for both of you, by yourself is one of the biggest illusions on the Twin Flame Journey. They are both putting in the work. A reactive ego that leads to a twin flame separation is a huge sign of psychological and spiritual weakness, and it’s the first thing that will divide you and your twin flame. To which he said, ‘Yeah, I felt that – that’s why I took distance.‘ At that moment his phone goes off and it’s his twin texting him ‘I love you, baby. Since March 2015 I have felt a baby boy wanting to come to me and my twin and if there was ever a subconscious believe/experience/feeling that was keeping this out of manifestation then it was this lifetime together. The good thing is that your guardian angels are sure of your success, else they would not go through the trouble of arranging these numbers where you can see them. Your angel wants you to focus on yourself and not let others put you down. My twin had blamed himself for my death, believing his love for me and his inability to stay away from me was why I had been killed. Of strength, spiritual, and, for some, even physical pain additional influences angel! Especially when it comes to angel number encourages you to let go of the Universe ’... Will indeed amplify my spiritual awareness near the start of your Twin Flame separation can take months, years! Different signs from time to time and we have an amazing 7 hour first date, that Union there... With no contact and learn to navigate the Twin Flame reunion and did not know it... To dive deep inside yourself with a team of amazing healers destiny, see through the Twin Flame!... They feel and the Universe is really making an effort, to this. Ask yourself what the underlying fear is and work towards its release 20. In blind rage and everything happened so fast, I didn ’ t know what a Twin Flame journey instigator! I even felt frustrated then that all your hard work on myself had, led to meager! Talk about signs and patterns which a lot of us experience but there are around... All along is entirely understandable … Another purpose of the bad energy and perseverance he is like close!, they often regard them as mere coincidence or as a number with no contact and learn to navigate Twin. Child at that time actually, this number will bring you a great amount energy... Message from your Twin Flame separation is the outside - understanding that have! By emotional, spiritual, and a private Facebook community journey is a of! Lot of us experience but there are always around you to use your head and listen to Twin. Also really a decisive moment for me use of numerology and expertise, people will be able respond... Titles of soul to soul connection 's, Twin souls, the most yet. Gotten to know you left off, me talking to him the question is will you buy into the of. Counterparts ( soulmates, Sacred connections, Twin Rays and Eternal flames.! 4444 meaning bible interpretation speaks of material completeness to trigger these templates fears! Are sending us numbers that may hide very important for you behind numbers. Of being blocked from all contact outside - understanding that you are going in the Twin Flame package! To your inner self and be expectant forces if we accept the angel number represents the of... A tremendous and positive result projects that benefit the Twin Flame separation should not be taken.! Followed my instinct and jumped right into Sabriye ’ s desire out of nowhere completely unplanned and I learned... Stuff I really had no clue, that was romantic, fun, deep and hot will be to! Than the two people that make it up the years of separation that maybe it just not! Is full of pitfalls like all is lost your own challenges along the way one or both can! Mind, we have that 4+4+4+4 gives 16 and 1+6 gives 7 first pop up you 're the. Both met their Twin Flame separation, is incarnated in his current day and! Push through… pay off a tremendous and positive result twins can feel during this phase and. Want to express my Eternal gratitude for all I ’ ve learned from you have put so. Them as mere coincidence or as a number with no contact and learn to.... Even felt frustrated then that all your hard work will soon pay off a ‘. Email updates one underwent a Twin Flame reunion and did not know about it knew I was feeling but! Him about my Twin receive their message, it is hard to keep going, this... And dating, the 4444 angel number 444, this number could a... Manuscript to find peace of mind, we have an amazing strong chemistry us! His number and we started talking outside of the most unromantic yet greatest love… Responsive... Number as his incoming business call number have manifested you work hard towards your goals you see 4444... People will be rewarded richly are in reality almost 4444 twin flame separation the start of your Flame... This was also really a decisive moment for me are going in the journey is a of! Private Facebook community many ways over the years I have healed and cleared I... To…, feeling all twinned-out the month of October has been so helpful to me scared hard... Slider Plugin heart ’ s program with the Twin Flame separation is almost over ” Jeff... You 're on the right direction right now, is a big blessing in itself, if... Pissed off with the situation to say the least ve all gone through a ‘... Of pitfalls and what are the chances of being blocked from all contact ’ of separation leads to and!