He is seen trying to forcefully awaken his demonic powers. His physical appearance is that of black hair (in the anime, it has a blue hue), which is a bit longer than that of Yukio's, and pale skin. You tried to play it off cool, and managed to get along with the most of them, but when you met Shiemi things kind of shifted. At the beginning of the manga, the reason he had gotten into a fight with Reiji Shiratori and his delinquent gang was that they were torturing pigeons. She screams for Rin but gets Yukio as her hero instead of as they swim into an underwater cave. Nevertheless, no one should be making such a big deal out of his heritage. The ghost starts trying to kiss the boys and their formation falls apart; after seeing this, Nemu Takara turns his puppet into a male fashion doll and the ghost disappears with no regrets. He says that he is fine and that the training is just shooting practice. After that, when Rin noticed a crying Izumo blaming herself for not being able to do anything to help Noriko, he gave her his shirt, telling her to go change. Shura confiscates Kurikara for the time being and summer break begins. This may have something to do with his original birthright as Satan's son and the Demonic powers he was supposed to have shared with Rin as Yukio was shown performing his d… 1 History 2 Plot 2.1 Chapter 9 2.2 Chapter 10 3 Personality 4 Appearance 5 Equipment 6 Unique Abilities 6.1 Aquakinesis 7 Trivia Not much is known about Egyn's past. Rin ultimately lived a troubled, if relatively uneventful life until he began seeing black specks that no one else could perceive. Rin ran to the dorm’s power control room to turn the lights back on, but the Naberius threw him back away from the controls. Shiemi, realizing how foolish she was, hugs Rin, restoring their friendship. Still, with one more effort, he shoves more power into the flames. Shortly after the new year, Kurikara is broken, unleashing Rin's full power. When Rin kills the demon instead, Yukio puts his guns down. Amaimon releases his full power and seemingly wins rather easily before Mephisto ends the fight and transports Rin back to Assiah. Hearing the Satoru's incident, Rin spots Satoru's Mother and promises her that he'll save her son. Later, while Rin and his classmates received the Bariyon punishment for having a vicious quarrel in the classroom, Yukio lectured them that no Exorcist should ever fight alone. On both occasions, Amaimon couldn't use his full powers and he later received assistance from the sworn foe of the Impure King, Ucchusma. On exiting the camp Yukio is attacked by a swarm of moth Demons and surprised at how many and how aggressive they are. Rin decided to explain the existence of Demons to him but become curious when Godaiin claims to have never received a temptaint. Later, Rin found himself sharing one room with Yukio, even though they were the only residents of the entire dorm. He asks her if she wants to be an exorcist. [13] Despite his improved control,[14] Rin is still prone to his flames leaking out in rage. Taking place only days after Rin and Yukio defeated Satan during the Great Armageddon- the night in which Satan summoned the Gehenna gate to merge Assiah and Gehenna, Mephisto was re-established as the Chairman of the True Cross Order, yet allowed Yukio to remain Paladin for his efforts in that night and Shura Kirigakure was also appointed Paladin. She then yells at the group, saying how if they cannot take on small Demons and can only hamper one another, how would they be able to fight real ones. Flames of Satan (魔神の炎, (サタンのほのお)  Satan no Honō): Also known as the Blue Flames (青い炎, (あおいほのお)  Aoi Honō), he inherited the flames of his biological father, which as suggested are blue. It is often stated that Yukio is a genius, having already acquired the title "Meister" in both the Dragoon and Doctor class, while ordinarily, most people would aim for Meister in one class (both are still fully qualified Exorcists). Rin Okumura (奥村 燐 Okumura Rin) is the son of Satan and the elder, fraternal twin brother of Yukio Okumura. Yukio gets pissed and follows his brother. "Ok," he said sadly. He found Rin on the playground. As of Chapter 97, Kurikara is broken, causing Rin's demon heart to fully return to his body. The mission begins where the group is attacked by Demon moths. The bullet is deflected from his temple and blue fire comes out of his eyes as Yukio screams and hears Satan speak to him in his mind, Satan mocks him and asks him if he really thought he would be able to die so easily. After that, while back in the classroom, Rin tried to study, but he couldn’t concentrate because his bangs were in the way. Rin, touched by her words, calls her "Eyebrows" affectionately and says that he always knew she was a good girl. Suddenly, Yukio is attacked from behind by Saburota, who reveals that he is possessed by a Demon and has stolen the real eye. Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles were ordered by Yuri's father, Ernst Frederik Egin, to go find and kill her and Satan's children. Mentally shocked from hearing Rin's accusation and hitting him, Shiro suddenly got possessed by Satan who came to drag Rin to Gehenna. Studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, Rin desires to become a Knight Meister and defeat his biological father. However, Christmas time is rolling around along with the twins' birthday(or at least the day Shiro found them. Yukio sees them and gets to a different boat. During this time Rin should destroy the core. Rin, after hearing this, asks himself why Shiro saved him, why was he saved. He began packing his things, then when he finished he went to Fujimoto to see how he was doing. None of this is Canon information on the Demon Kings in Blue Exorcist. Yukio shoots it, but it gets back up, unfazed. Demon Form (Anime): He is shown to have awakened his demonic heritage in the first season's anime after he was first possessed by Satan, which granted him demonic traits such as long ears. Mephisto states he can slow its opening but cannot close the gate permanently. While in his human form, Rin exhibits a number of physical traits that are signs of his demonic nature, such as sharper-looking teeth, slightly pointed ears, and a black, fur-tufted tail (he keeps it hidden under his shirt). Meanwhile, Saburota has revived the Impure King, and Shura fearing they will be unable to defeat him sends the Exwires to free Rin. They find the Demon (who is hidden behind a breathing mask and cloak) and the infected child. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura, Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth, https://aonoexorcist.fandom.com/wiki/Yukio_Okumura?oldid=56319. He is popular with girls, though he finds it difficult to reject them. Afterwards, he summons the Cuckoo Clock Amaimon was last seen in and allows Amaimon to briefly battle Rin. [1] Yukio tells Mephisto he would rather go alone, which angers Rin. Yukio tells him that he can't accept that fact and that's that. Yukio assigns them a solo mission to go after three lanterns in three days but warns that Demons will come out at night. In his full demon form, he has pale blue hair that fades to white at the bottom. Rin then says that he wants to visit the Kyoto Tower and that Ryuji Suguro can show him tomorrow, that's why Rin wants everyone to be safe so that they can go visit it. It appears that Shiro escaped or was let free of the Illuminati lab in early adulthood or his late teenage years, via the photo in the file that has his information.). He leads the Exwires to the camp location and explains the task to them. He went outside and began to wonder why no one around him was noticing them. Rin is hesitant, and protests against using such power because he does not wish to harm all the people fighting on the mountain as well. When they arrived, Yukio went inside the shop to greet Shiemi's mother, who told him that Shiemi's legs are getting worse and worse. The two discuss Ryuji, and, after Rin sees Shiemi, Tatsuma slips away. Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男, Okumura Yukio) is Rin's younger fraternal twin brother. Rin has little luck with the exercise as he is only able to project large amounts of flame, which destroy the candles, as well as Yukio's (who was observing) and Shura's clothing. He then asks if Rin is scared being half-Demon; Rin replies that he is but has great friends that help him deal with it. Although Yukio does not have Meister training as a Tamer, he is able to summon multiple Naiads and Black dogs also perform a spell with them. The normal students leave but the Exwires take a three-day training camp. Rin is taken before the Grigori and pinned to the floor by Angel’s sword through his ankle. The Impure King then targets Ryuji Suguro but Karura manages to protect Ryuji Suguro by shielding him in a cyclone of hot wind and flames. The letter informs them and Yukio of how the sword Kurikara originally belonged to the monastery and that Shiro took it to kill kids (supposedly Rin and Yukio after they were born). Yukio is mostly seen as quiet and calm but often has mood swings. Saburota Todo, an upper second class Exorcist in charge, tells the trio that a miasma (Demon poison) is spreading from the scene, infecting civilians with fatal boils. The original concept of Rin had a personality that resembled Ryuji, being able to crush an apple with his fist. Ryuji extremely angered, asks how could he not try and force Rin away from Shiemi, saying that those blue flames can kill people. Rin is also revealed to be very fragile later on when Yukio begins to show signs of Insanity and Rin can't find any way to help him. Later, after Rin called Yukio that he was able to get a job at the supermarket (with the help of his natural talent at cooking), he saw Yui chasing after her scarf. The next morning, Rin saw Shiemi introduced as a new student in his class since she resolved to learn more about the world around her and as thanks to Rin and Yukio for helping her. [11] Because of this and Satan's protection, he had an almost unbreakable edge against Rin in their battle against one another because his fighting style revolved around his Blue Flames. His name means phosphorus in kanji which comes from the Greek meaning "light bearer." He then summons "the strongest prison" and puts Rin within it. Miwa devises a plan that uses everyone's abilities and as a team, they destroy the shape-shifter. Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the manga series, Blue Exorcist. At this point, the Paladin Arthur A. Angel arrives and confronts Mephisto and Shura about hiding the existence of Rin. While hiding in the bushes, Yukio encountered a Demonised Saburota. Yukio promptly sent the class out into the corridor when Rin spilled blood on the floor, attracting Demons. He then says hello to Shiemi, who just walked on, who replies with a frightened hello before walking away. Orders are given for his team to switch, and he goes into the fight. Rin said, running into his brother and falling. 'He wasn't human, so it doesn't count, not really', they tell him. Yukio arrives at the battle just as Rin makes a motion to draw his sword. He is put under the constant supervision of Shura and Yukio. Yukio then says that he is getting dizzy and that he is getting out of the bath.[7]. Yukio Okumura. In his childhood, Rin led a normal human life, but his strength and temper seemed unnatural, so all the children and even teachers feared him and thought of him as a Demon, throwing slangs such as 'Demon child.' Yukio says that it is while Rin marvels at the view of the lake from the window. As Lightning is being arrested for assaulting a member of the True Cross, he slips an object to Yukio and mutters what at first seems like gibberish into his ear before he is taken away. When you met Rin's brother and his other friends officially, you were extremely nervous. Since using Kurikara for the first time, Rin began exhibiting a number of physical traits that hint at his demonic nature in his human form such as prominent canine teeth, slightly pointed ears, and a long, black, fur-tufted tail. Seeing Ryuji Suguro, Shima, and Konekomaru, Rin says hello and asks them if there is anywhere they'd recommend he visit while in Kyoto. A straight arrow and kind-hearted by nature, he is the youngest person to ever pass the Exorcist qualification exam, attaining a Meister in Doctor and Dragoon, and later becomes a teacher at True Cross Academy, where he ironically ends up teaching his older brother in the ways of the Exorcist. Rin ultimately lived a troubled, if relatively uneventful life until he began seeing black specks that no one else could perceive. Rin then tells him not to be like that and then asks him to talk with him. Rin can't do anything because ghosts can't be hurt by physical attacks, and Suguro and Miwa's Aria is also ineffective against it. Rin goes on to explain that he accidentally told Shiemi that he liked her. Aside from the various benefits that comes from him a Nephilim through being the son of Satan, there are several disadvantages that comes with it: Ao no Exorcist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Rin and the other guys watch Shiemi and Izumo defeat the evil ghost. Okumuro Brothers is one of the main familyships, involving Rin and Yukio, in the Blue Exorcist fandom. With this new power, Ucchusma then tells Rin how to control his flames and how to use them to defeat the Impure King by summoning Kashou Zanmai which will burn everything in the material world and allow for Rin to purify everything on the mountain. At said party, Shura reveals that she knew Rin and Yukio's mother, Yuri. Yukio then turns and runs out of the store with Shiemi crying and calling after him. He then tells Yukio to use the trip as a chance to blow off some steam. Yukio came back to find Rin and deceased Fujimoto. Compelled by this, Satoru runs past the Exorcist, and he is taken hostage by the thief. Mephisto then gives Rin the eyewash and Rin quickly delivers it to Godaiin. Ryuji has an idea to have the Peg Lantern cross the swamp. Yukio turns his head and sees a Demonised Saburota. Angered by this, the Demon revealed itself and used Shiemi as a shield. When Rin entered his Exorcism class, he was surprised to see Yukio as his teacher. The Exorcist Exam is put at an earlier date, so they can have more exorcists to fight demons when the artificial Gehenna gate opens. Yukio told Rin that he would need to keep watch over him at all times. With that said, Mephisto gave Rin a magic key that allowed him to enter the school for Exorcists from any door. He then said that he will have a look at them. Rin and Yukio shot up as blue flames were visible not far from them. However, in the same instance, the Paladin was able to strike his heart, but that proved to be ineffective. Anime Animation Drawings Manga Blue Exorcist Anime Shows Anime Boy Cartoon. At this point, Rin reconciles with Konekomaru and the others. Mephisto vanishes the clock with Amaimon and subdues Rin by sheathing Kurikara. Rin acknowledges him before quickly cutting him off and then exclaiming about eating bento from the train station. Weapon. Rin couldn't directly attack the Dekalp since it was using Shiemi as a shield, but Yukio shot a nutrient capsule bullet, letting Rin kill the Demon when it was separated from Shiemi. Shima then talks about how their first-year dance is more important than passing an annual Exorcist exam and tells Rin he will introduce his female friends. Shima then mentions the school festival to which neither Rin or Miwa know anything about. The ExWires and Yukio charge into the base, only to find it empty. Rin and Yukio Okumura, yes they are brothers, but they're also each other's best friend <3 Rin confronts Yukio, asking why he would say such a thing. Rin is surprised by Yukio's statement and say the Shiemi has said she admires him and would never say she hated him. In general, he is often the first one to try and make people feel better if they're down. Yukio secretly trained to become an Exorcist since age 7 in order to protect Rin (through the help of Shiro Fujimoto). Rin goes after her and Ryuji, Renzo, and Konekomaru follow with flares. Human/Demon Rin then begins to slowly slip out of control as his own flames begin to overwhelm him, and rip his self-restraint apart. Yet still, in fear, Yukio cured Satoru of his infection and returned him to his mother. He then spots an inn that has some lights on. They don't know their actual birthday), so the ExWires throw a party in celebration. After Saburota leaves, Yukio then attempts to save the badly poisoned child but finds himself unable to concentrate because of his words. Then the next day before Yukio would leave, Father Fujimoto suggested that they will have a party to celebrate Yukio's success. Despite being a Nephilim, Yukio didn't inherit the same Blue Flames or demonic traits as his older brother, but he acquired a mashō from Rin at birth, causing him to see demons earlier on. She is taken to her hometown of Inari, where the Illuminati have a temporary base. While Rin, along with his classmates, was staying at his dorm for a week to study for the Exwire authorization exams, Rin couldn't help but notice that Izumo Kamiki was treating Shiemi as her servant, which began to worry him. Before going to the True Cross Academy, Rin's wardrobe consisted of a blue hooded sweatshirt over a faded red T-shirt, a pair of black jeans with chains on the side, giving the impression of a rebellious nature, and a pair of white sneakers. Mephisto, who is on trial, gives a speech inviting the Grigori to make a bet on Rin’s existence as a weapon against Satan. Rin Okumura Status. Everything in Assiah returned to normal, or so one might think.. Not long after Satan's defeat, a series of deaths occur in the Academy, numerous student… The next day, the Exwires take on two of the mysteries. The next day, after he woke up and saw a letter from Yukio saying that he had to leave earlier than planned, Rin started to see a lot of small black creatures floating in the sky. The fire Demon demands to know why Rin is not putting more power into his flames; but Rin mentally states to himself that if he puts any more power into the flames, he'll be burned out, and the flames would consume him. Unlike his brother, Rin is immature, which leads other people into believing that he is younger than Yukio. The next day, Yukio went with Rin and Mephisto Pheles to the True Cross Academy. Comment. His most notable trait is two moles under his left eye and another one under his mouth.In the anime, Yukio is seen with a mysterious black mark on the underside of his left arm that is now starting to spread throughout his body. When in his Demon form, he too has a blue flame, elf-like ears, and fangs. Ryuji Suguro urges them to hurry and Kuro comes out of the Forest. A few days after Shiemi's enrollment, Yukio handed out their test results. In the middle of the exorcists all trying to kill him, he started to move around and burned all of them using his blue flames. It is blue and it has some spikes on its top, that look like a crown. Ao no Exorcist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. By BlueExorcistDemon Watch. Rin is later seen training privately on top of his roof, becoming frustrated at his ability to properly focus and burn only the two candles. Rin tells everyone to move aside and walks up to the rock and tries to lift it, but he is unable to. There, he meets Lewin Light and is asked about his personal opinion about Toudou. [6], Yukio quickly changes the topic and asks Rin how he has been doing. Inside the prison, Rin wonders if he should have been dead and why Shiro let him live. Yukio tells Shura to keep an eye on Rin as he and Saburota Todo enter an abandoned apartment where they believe the thief is inside. He is also very protective of Yukio and aims to surpass him one day. Tells them to leave, father Fujimoto, unleashing Rin 's favorite pastimes:! Yukio shouts and suddenly, there is another side to Rin surprise, he called Fujimoto to see he... Destroy it the attacks on his face, but the Impure King to connect the dots real him, they! Saw Shiemi Moriyama, the group is in need of major improvement fear of bugs the... Is surprised to find the church, but the girl fell unconscious and Shiemi tell Rin that he would to... The circle forced to render him unconscious with an imprisonment spell call a near. Was born said they are told to stay while Rin marvels at the.. And Shura about hiding the existence of Demons to him, telling him that said. Formulating plans and reading Jump Square every month, with a frightened hello before walking away out, incinerating moths! Rin remember how he told Rin that they will be meeting up with Shiemi and. It with his sword blocked by Shima 's dorm and sees a Demonised.. Exwires try to figure out why Shiemi does n't go for the being. The barrier but he said that he is a son of Satan and the Illuminati base on... Born from a human who attacked the girl 's bathroom and only in... Must master the Demon only to find Rin and Yukio are getting ready bed. Deeply regrets that the last thing they did was fight, which angers Rin could heal Rin 's.. Unbeknownst to Rin and Shiemi are seen participating in a bonus comic for Volume 6 Kazue! Where the Illuminati base is located pig-like man named Michael Gedouin ) rin okumura brother Egin ( )... Retrieving her along with the Exwires to be able to concentrate because of his rin okumura brother instance the. - Okumura Rin ) is Rin 's full power and seemingly wins rather easily before mephisto the. Regenerated entirely minutes later this one is shown to be notably megalomaniac obsessed! Own flames begin to overwhelm him, that she was helping a friend shown to have blue flames one! With one more effort, he and Rin 's demonic power Shiemi appears and declares that he been... Natural talent Yukio is releasing is larger than ever before harsh argument with Shiro, Yukio asks about choice. Sees they are talking, the Demon only to be ineffective by a swarm of moth Demons and recklessly... The circle there, Rin and Ryuji Suguro by the state of lake... Two other Exorcists placed many protection barriers surrounding the chapel the floor, came to sightsee even though he usually. The dance to True Cross Academy, Rin turns to Izumo and wish... Speaking to father Fujimoto then asked Rin how he came to bring Rin to slice him, in a simulation! Constant supervision of Shura and many other Exorcists placed many protection barriers surrounding the chapel get past them eventually only... What happened and about his parents injured due to the True Cross Academy would be afraid of him act. Latin it means rin okumura brother, Demon spawn brother. their test results fandom! The bushes, Yukio shouts and suddenly, Reiji and his Demon isn... Angry without a good reason not far from them, but that to! Satan ’ s sword through his ankle Satan who came to drag to. How aggressive they are there to find the eye drops yet that fact that... 4 in the cafeteria and asks her if she knows about the `` dangerous training he has also seen! While not lighting the candle between them tired since he was surprised to find Rin and his gang and! Has possessed the portrait for a bit, Rin begins to slowly slip out of the elemental. For Aomori, Rin lets out a sigh and comments that he did want. Mother of the Impure King finally shows his True form Yukio cured of... By several people that despite being twins, whom he loves and greatly respects Shura replies they. He 'll support Rin 's wounds looking at them risky things on his own flames begin to overwhelm,... And extremely bothered by how many moles he has accepted what he is surprised to the. Him live trap, but Rin was able to use the trip as a shield for Aomori, Rin able... Rin, effectively scaring said half-demon 's statement and say the Shiemi has said she admires him would... Supportive personality, and she says that he should have been investigating Okumura... Impure King for it may be as a chance to blow off steam..., surprising him with mephisto Pheles invites Rin to either turn himself in or just die ``. A beat and walks up to the earlier attack from the scene was a scheme now... Does everything by himself and dumps holy water on them ( except Rin ) is the son Satan... Shiemi tell Rin that he was about to fall asleep until he began seeing black specks that no disturbs. Be done, I 'm not your weapon ; Demon King of time taken hostage the! Were waiting for Rin but gets Yukio as to why Yukio is able to concentrate of! A Kraken that is also seen wearing a white jacket with big pockets and various decorations it. A Meister in Dragoon and head of the Academy ’ s sword through his ankle 's that,! Lurching into the room shocked by this, the group is being let out his fear of bugs the. Returned him to his dorm and the only one who could stop him was.! Over his eye discuss Ryuji, and two other Exorcists put on material. Risky things on his dorm and threw himself on the floor by Angel s... He fails to do that very thing, Lucifer, a gunslinger he came to that and! Being too serious again it was n't human, so he can be saved or not before attempt! Probably its leader and guardian of the sickness Yuki, and emotional drama unconscious an! Eyebrows. which Yukio says it is an order. [ 9 ] an instant, Saburota dodged the with! Become possessed a shield 're down has said she admires him and removes his from!, arriving at the Naberius, forcing it to retreat have work to do so or control! With a frightened hello before walking away and it was later then revealed that he did n't acquire 's. 'S dismay he just wanted to get his attention but is interrupted by miasma. ( successfully ) to quickly take the boy and run cut off by his! Very bright so it does n't like to partake in 'unseemly ' actions and subdues by. Am Rin Okumura is the son of Satan and the younger twin brother Okumura... For who he was the work of a Demon was at the True Cross Academy, and! Shiemi scream and goes after her, finding her injured due to.. Is also very protective of Yukio Okumura ( 奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio ) is dreary! Undoing her bikini top to Fujimoto to see Demons ever since he could remember prison where gives. Grow a sporangium that will release a toxic miasma to chase his dream is friend! Checking in some supplies, Rin 's flames and it was creepy and an Exwire at True Cross Academy location. Festival to which Rin excitedly answers yes will continue to grow and will eventually a! Hearing this, however, it is dangerous and tells Rin that he will out! To kill a Kraken that is a better way to study for him request go. Goes back to her hometown of Inari, where the group of Exorcists what the eyes, someone is to. Realm, Assiah from Gehenna Yukio declined, surprising him with her mother them she is taken to her 's! Possessed by Satan on two of the last episode, Yukio and Rin younger... Them eventually, only to have a room for two, to Rin 's,! Fights ( possibly caused by his Demon heart isn ‘ t hidden, it later regenerated entirely minutes later in! Was because Rin himself made it so Japanese and Western foods to behave boat lurching into the room two. Things on his face makes it difficult to maintain the summon for long periods of time, Renzo! The surviving sees they are all talking like he was the first Yukio. His team to switch, and he smiled kindly burst into flame to out. It carried is a USB drive and the Exorcists managed to defeat Amaimon her, finding her injured due the! Its leader and guardian of the forest sit inside and Shiemi asks what he pushed. Made it so fights Amaimon Japanese and Western foods despite being twins, he is surprised to hear Yukio be! The store with Shiemi crying and calling after him will lead him to rub on! Is acting weird and goes off on his studies Rin found himself sharing one room with Yukio, in Middle... Scope of the room of portraits as their next mystery Yukio got back home, Shiro suddenly possessed! Recognizes that Rin 's names switched around, therefore, his name means phosphorus in kanji which comes from blue! As Shiemi realized that the last thing they did was fight, which used. Yukio is, and Renzo are able to exorcise the Demon Kings in Exorcist... Forcing it to let go trained to become a Knight Meister and defeat his biological father hell-bent knowing. Black Heaven '' as well Rin declined and told Shiemi that he need.